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Products 1 - 30 of 54 Shop Airsoft Guns, Shop By Rifle Models, WWII. S&T PPSh WWII Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Submachine Gun w/ Drum Mag.

Sniper rifles are long range guns designed to create kills before the enemy is within range to return fire. The guns listed here typically have very long barrels and. Items Boyes Rifle Anti Tank 55cal DD. M72A2 LAW Anti-Tank 66mm Rocket Launcher (NoCCFee) BOYES ANTI TANK RIFLE EXTRACTOR. 70 Items Find ppsh 41 for sale at , the world's largest gun auction site. You can buy ppsh 41 with confidence from thousands of sellers who list.

ptrs 41 sniper rifle for sale 3d models ✅. PTRS 3D modelThe 3D model was created on real base. Fits directly on any airsoft sniper rifle replica with an.

Decoration Simonow PTRS 14,5mm anti material rifle, original from WWII. Condition: very good. Demilled according german KWKG law. Proof of age 18+. Ok I'm new to this Forum and I was if it is possible to buy a PTRS (A Russian Anti-Light Tank Sniper Rifle) This gun is Used on Call of Duty. The PTRS is a semi auto military issue repeating anti tank rifle. Manufactured by Russian government arsenal, the mechanism of the PTRS is very similar to the . Airsoft Gun Full Auto Socom Cyma M14 Rifle FPS Metal Gear AEG.

Introducing the Spring WWII Carbine Rifle. This amazing airsoft rifle features an internal magazine that can hold up to BBs so you won't be running out of.

There need to be airsoft versions of the PTRD and PTRSs. So, are you planning to go full PPSH, or will you have a few mosin. 6 Listings Class 3 Rifles Class 3 Any Other Weapon for sale and auction. Buy a Class 3 Rifles Class 3 Any Other Weapon online. Sell your Class 3 Rifles Class 3. Adjustable. An aluminum alloy receiver houses the full steel reinforced bolt carrier for strong reliable feedback. The LM4 PTR buffer tube has the same diameter.

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Collectibles for sale.

The PTRS or Simonov anti-tank rifle (Russian: ПротивоТанковое Ружьё Симонова) is the semi-automatic analog of the PTRD anti-tank rifle. The PTRD was an anti-tank rifle produced and used from early by the Soviet Red Army during World War II. It was a single-shot weapon which fired a. Another PTRS, and judging from the dent in the wrist of the stock, it's not the and the external extractor point to airsoft clone rather than a genuine artifact. I have no idea about the law but I've seen them for sale in many places . guns, PCA submachine guns (that is the PPSH41) but in great amounts”.

PTRS Anti tank rifle Anti Tank Rifle, Ar Platform, Red Army, PTRD The PTRD (Shortened from Russian, ProtivoTankovoye Ruzhyo Degtyaryova. Firesupport Airsoft and Replica Gun Sales. Firesupport sells quality Airsoft bb guns and replica guns. We offer a friendly reliable service and have won Retail. Were can you get a ptrs 41 airsoft gun? . I think there are a few custom ones out there but they arn't cheap if one sale at all What bullet does a PTRS use?.

50 BMG rifle or destructive device as you alude to, it is lawful for sale/transfer in California." Also anyone know who makes X ammo?.

Hello ww2aa I am proud to present the beginnings of my first ever ww2 gun build and possibly the first of it's kind, the PTRD this gun is.

I would love to see more Russian firearms in airsoft. Just those and the RPK, RPK 74, TT, PPSh 41, and Mosin Nagant. . PTRS ^_^.

PTRS/BI (SAC), 4.) M1 ” Anti-Tank M6 (DML), 5.) PTRD (DML), 6.) SMBL 2” Mortar (DML), 7.) SMBL Handheld 2” Mortar (DML), 8.

PTRS 41 cal muzzle velocity 3,FPS muzzle velocity 2,FPS with " barrel (note the image is an airsoft but looks real enough).

Find and save Ptrs 41 Memes | from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter Black Friday Flash Sale 2: Pick up a Russian Tokarev TT for your Eastern Block.

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